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This year we are fundraising to provide scholarships for more brave young women from marginalized ethnic communities of Myanmar. The scholarships (including pre- and in- university support) will help them get a master degree, which will allow them to work in the leadership positions where they can influence change, drive social reform, and empower thousands more like them!

Help us reach our goal of € 20,000/$22,000

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Meet our inspiring alumni and students...

Saam Htwe

“I see education as one of the most important tools with which we can upgrade our lives, and this is why I am determined to improve the education system in Burma.”

Saam Htwe, alumni 2014 MA in Education Administration
Read her story here

Nang Si Htong

“I want to inspire people to invest in the country and be responsible, start organizations and create  more opportunities for young people to build up the country.”

Nang Si Htong, currently studying Master of Business Administration
Read her story here

Nang Hseng Hearn

“Now I just want to empower the community. Now I can’t be in the parliament, but I can train the people who can. Wherever I work, I am thinking about the community.”

Nang Hseng Hearn, alumni 2015 Master in Public Health
Read her story here

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