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We are looking forward discussing any way we can work together to make change! Please feel free to contact us via

The We women supports women from marginalized ethnic communities in Myanmar, by helping them to get a degree and to start their own business, as well as helping women to connect with other leaders to have a stronger shared voice.

Does your company want to be part of making a lasting positive change while at the same time working towards a more (gender) equal world?

Every December the We Women launches its annual online campaign. The yearly campaign focus on a specific topic and aims to raise awareness and to raise funds to support the Foundation’s work.

Become a sponsor and support women to become agents of change.

As a company you can enjoy tax benefits by financially supporting a charitable organisation, give your employees a sense of involvement in their local community, show customers and suppliers a different ‘face’ of the company; and at the same time supporting women to become agents of change.

We are looking forward discussing any way we can work together to make change! Please feel free to contact us via

What do we offer in return?

Depending on the level of support, We women can offer visibility of corporate contributions on various external communications and provide good public relation opportunities. We are happy to work with our corporate supporters to develop a partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Please support our campaign for our women to become Champions of Change for Myanmar.

With your help we can support women like Noan Harn.

Noan Harn was a We Women Pre-University student, found a scholarship sponsor herself and continued as an in-University We women student, she graduated with an MBA in January 2014. After that, she started her own social business and is improving the capacity of women to run a profitable, ethical and inclusive, business, which inspires many ethnic women.

Just to give you an idea of how far your donation will go, we have examples of what we accomplish with the below amounts:

  • € 6,000 – A full scholarship for one participant, including food and housing
  • € 4,000 – Supports two women with Entrepreneur start-up funding
  • € 2,000 – Two women can join a business training
  • € 2,000 – A year long monthly Women Leadership Network meetings in one town

We are looking forward discussing with you in whichever way, shape of form, we can work together to make the change! Please feel free to contact us at

Click for more information, and be an agent of change with We women foundation.

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