Women Leadership Network

Our Women Leadership Network, builds a strong women network inside Myanmar that consists of leaders from various disciplines; We women alumni, businesswomen, academics, NGO & Community leaders, activists, politicians and experts from other fields.

There are monthly network meetings in cities and towns across Myanmar. In an informal setting, the women will update each other about their progress and obstacles in work and daily life. At every meeting an expert on a topic that is of interest to the women in our network is invited to come and speak. Afterwards a brainstorm session and discussions will be held. The women will be encouraged to build partnerships, share knowledge and resources. Eventually a smaller group of women will be invited to form a sub group where they will brainstorm on policy changes that are in their field of expertise and interest. These subgroups will be formed in all regions and will be invited to a workshop in Yangon to write policy advice papers together and to present them to various stakeholders.

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